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Every church has a spirit and philosophy that permeates its people and ministries. This philosophy is the atmosphere in which all of church life is carried out. A church philosophy of ministry shows what is important to us and the kind of church we strive to be. 

At TCC it is our purpose to cultivate the following spirit and carry out the following philosophy of ministry:

We are Committed to God's Word

We are committed to communicate God's revealed truth in the Bible. We believe it holds the answer to man's deepest needs and we desire to clearly, consistently and with authority communicate God's truth from His Word in a spirit of love and grace.

We strive for a Worshipful Atmosphere

We want to cultivate a worshipful atmosphere in our services where the central focus is on God alone. We also want to develop worship patterns in the lives of our people that will guide how they conduct their lives.

We are Committed to Cultural Relevance 

We want to understand our current culture so we can effectively reach people for Jesus Christ and build them up spiritually. In our preaching and teaching, we want to speak in terms that people understand and to address the real needs they are facing in today's world. In all of our outreach and ministries, we want to address contemporary needs and issues with the timeless principles from God's Word. In our music, we want to sing theologically correct songs and cultivate an atmosphere where everyone participates in praising our great God. 

We Will Focus on a Genuine Heart Commitment

We want our people to have a heart that is committed to Scripture with a desire to honor Jesus Christ in all of life. At the same time, we want to allow for diversity in matters of Christian liberty, recognizing that people have differing convictions about some areas of life. We do not want to legislate the details of Christian living and we refuse to measure spiritually by the conformity to a set of external standards. We desire the evidence of spirituality to be a heart allegiance of Jesus Christ.

We Will Strive for a Caring Atmosphere

We want to provide a way for people to get to know each other and learn how to care for each other's needs. We want to promote an atmosphere of love, acceptance, and openness so that people will feel that their needs are being met. 

We Will Show Compassion for the Lost

We want to be motivated by a passion to see unregenerate people come to know Christ. We want our members to exhibit the kind of lifestyle that will create a desire to know Christ in the hearts of the unsaved; to be well-equipped and faithful witnesses to people around us; and to spread the gospel throughout the world through an aggressive missions outreach. We will also strive to reach out to people through ministries that demonstrate Christ's compassion in areas of need while offering Christ as the ultimate solution to all of man's needs.

We are Committed to the Pursuit of Excellence and Integrity

We want our ministry to be a worthy offering and a true representation of the God of heaven. We want to strive for excellence in all areas of ministry including the quality and appearance of facilities; the planning and implementation of all church ministries; and the professionalism, dedication, and spiritual warmth of staff members and church leaders. We want to reflect integrity in the care with which we handle and report on church finances, the personal character, and ethical standards of those who lead in ministry, and the manner in which the Word of God is handled.

Our Vision for Ministry

We want to be guided by a clear sense of vision that is rooted in Biblical missions of our church. We want to constantly seek new possibilities of ministry and pursue them as God enables us. We want to direct our ministries in a way that will help us to achieve our vision, as well as set goals in a way that will increase our effectiveness in ministering to people. We want to constantly evaluate our ministries and goals in the light of our mission and the changing needs of people and to communicate our vision effectively so that it is shared by the entire church.

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